With school back in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, Daycare Therapy is a great resource that can give your child the health benefits they need while providing daycare options for working parents.

Daycare Therapy is designed to combine occupational therapy services with socialized group play. These services are made to provide parents with a unique approach to both childcare and occupational progress, combining the two for optimal childhood development. For young ones who require both after school service and therapy, our services combine the two, giving the parents the time they need, while helping support their child’s developmental progress.

After School Hours.

One of the fundamental advantages of daycare therapy is the ability to create a personalized plan tailored to reach the specific needs of children and their developmental goals. For children with disorders such as autism, ADHD, or emotional and behavioral disorders, daycare service may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training or educational support. Adolescents that require physical or cognitive treatment can benefit from therapy sessions baked into after school care and guidance, while having the option to interact with a wide range of children.

The Benefits of Daycare Therapy Services.

There are comprehensive range benefits in combining child care and therapy that span a large range of age groups. While all groups of children can find value, children with social disorders often are the best candidates. Having access to professional therapists and medical professionals who can guide the child appropriately, Daycare Therapy can enhance the overall quality of life for children that have unique challenges. Skill development is the highest priority, coupled with professional plans that prepare the child for social integration. Children enrolled in daycare therapy experience improvements in independence, cognitive, and social progression.

Swimming In The Deep End.

While treatment is always relied upon an individual diagnosis per child, children that lack exposure to larger group settings will have the ability to slowly integrate themselves into a wider pool of social acceptance. By involving them directly with the help of training therapists who professionally manage their social and emotional exposure, it provides the child with the ability to expand their reach past what can be achieved by having individualized sessions. Giving your child the ability to play and interact with a multitude of other children in a controlled group setting can expedite the child’s progress, and prepare them for the next stage of their life.

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