Getting Started

Important Information

How Does Therapy Begin?

Allcare Therapy Services accepts most major insurances.  Once you contact our office we will call your insurance company to determine your benefits.  Our dedicated office staff will schedule an evaluation for your child. An intake packet is available for download on our website. 

Please fill out the packet prior to your evaluation and bring your insurance card and all pertinent documentation.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. 

General Information

To schedule an appointment, please call 732-364-1172.

During the initial phone inquiry, the receptionist will take your insurance information and background information regarding your child’s behaviors and/or symptoms you are observing. You will be asked to obtain a script from your doctor for an evaluation and treatment. If you have any previous reports or written information available, please bring this information to your initial evaluation.

Our Staff

Evaluation Visit

Our staff understands an evaluation can be an overwhelming process. We will do our best to make this experience a smooth process for you and your child. The Evaluation time will vary according to the needs of the client. After the comprehensive evaluation, the therapist will review their observations and establish a treatment program.


HIPAA Compliant Online Forms

Please click on the following links below to access the forms. 

Download & Print Forms

Please click on the following links below to access the forms. 

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

✓ Is speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy a covered benefit?

✓ Are there any exclusions?

✓ Are there any diagnoses that are not being covered?

✓ Is this policy only to restore after injury or illness?

✓ Is there a visit limit? If so, are the visits combined with any other therapy?

✓ Do you have evaluation coverage?

✓ Do you need authorization?

✓ Do you need a referral?

✓ Do you have a deductible?

✓ Do you have a copayment or coinsurance?

AllCare Therapy Services is an in-network provider with most major health insurance plans. We work directly with your insurance company.