In recent years, child psychologists have accomplished medical milestones in understanding autism. What was once a difficult diagnosis is now becoming more and more visible and treatable for early developmental learning. While there is no cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, science has come a long way in being able to understand, treat, and improve the development of children with autism.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder. It impacts how children are able to communicate with others. Because autism varies greatly, there are many different places children can fall on the autism spectrum. Symptoms typically start at an early age and continue through childhood and adulthood. Often children with ASD have trouble relating to other children, and may present themselves as introverted and unrelated to family members and friends. It is very common for children with ASD to withdraw themselves from social situations.

Symptoms of ASD include cognitive difficulty understanding communication. Issues with nonverbal communication are prevalent and children typically have trouble understanding communication beyond the literal sense. A child with ASD will take communication seriously, often unable to differentiate between literal actions, versus sarcasm or humor.

How Can I Support My Child with ASD?

Communication is interpreted differently in a child with ASD. It’s important to be very clear and concise in your expression, words, and commands. Physical sensations can often provoke anxiety or pain. It’s important to be patient with your child, and be observant of their needs. It’s important to remain positive and teach your child to express anger in a constructive way. Having a short attention span is very common with children with ASD and it’s important to show your love and interest in expressing how you feel while caring for and supporting them.

Early Development Services for ASD.

The sooner ASD is treated the easier it will be for your child to learn and grow. It’s important to have the right doctor, counselors, and specialists involved in your child’s development. At All care Therapy Services, our licensed OT’s work with your children on self-help skills and can give you the tips you need to work with them at home.

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