With your child back in school and the dog days of summer behind us, it’s about that time of year to break out your pumpkins and work on your child’s speech therapy at home with these fun fall activities!

Speech therapy doesn’t end once you walk out of Allcare Therapy–our SLPs give you actionable items to do at home to continue to help and improve your child’s speech!

Create A Tree On Paper With Real Leaves

fall arts and crafts

Once the leaves start falling, head outside with your child and start picking up leaves. Try to pick different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Take a piece of paper and draw a tree without leaves, and have your child start gluing them on. This exercise can help with a few things–vocabulary, following directions, articulation, and social skills if you’re doing it with a friend!

Some vocabulary words you can work on:

  • Glue
  • Leaves
  • Fall
  • Branches
  • Different colors
  • Tree
  • Different shapes

You can also give them directions to follow in sequence, like “first glue the red leaf on the branch on the left, then glue the green leaf on the branch on the right.” This is a great exercise to set them up for success this school year!

Make An Apple Pie in a Cup

Baking an apple pie may be a bit too much for some parents, but you can easily make apple pie in a cup! This is a quick, great activity to do with your child, and it helps them with following directions.


  • Grab a clear cup.
  • Crush graham crackers and layer the bottom.
  • Put applesauce on the graham crackers.
  • Spray whipped cream on the apple sauce.
  • Dash cinnamon on top.

Your child can describe, use verbs, learn to sequence their thoughts, and follow directions with this activity–plus they get a delicious treat at the end!

Go Apple Picking

apple picking

Who doesn’t love apple picking? It makes for a great day out with the family, and it presents a great opportunity to work on some at-home speech therapy!

Have your child sort the apples into different types–whether it’s shape, color, size, type, or stem/no stem. Help them identify which apples fall into which category and turn it into a fun game.

If your child is of writing age, you can create a worksheet that has all the different attributes you’re going over. Have them pick out an apple at random and fill the worksheet out with all the adjectives that describe it.

Use Play Dough

Grab all things fall–acorns, pinecones, leaves, and anything else that falls from trees, and take them inside. Press them into play dough to make a fun arts and crafts project, and have your child compare the molds after you’re done. Ask them to describe each mold and how they differ or are similar.

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