Social Skills Groups

Social Pragmatic Language Therapy Groups help children develop social skills and master social language. Your child will be evaluated by a Speech-Language Pathologist and will complete assessment activities before being placed in the most appropriate Social Pragmatic Therapy Group. 

Our Social Pragmatic Language Therapy Groups Improve:

  • Using appropriate social greetings
  • Initiating social conversations
  • Opening and closing a conversation
  • Initiating peer interaction and joining play
  • Interpreting facial expressions and body language
  • Observing and imitating appropriate social skills and behaviors in various social situations
  • Predicting and understanding the emotions and reactions of others


What People are Saying

I have been going to AllCare Therapy for over three years, and I cannot say enough great things about them! This is our first year doing a social group with Miss Kim, and my son loves it! We began the social group to work on some of my sons social skills; speaking too loudly, interrupting others, but he looks at it like “time playing with his new friends.” (He actually is sad when we miss it now.) She is very insightful and helpful in many aspects! I would highly recommend them for a social skills group, and/or anything else extra that your child may need.

— Tara P.

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