Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidenced-based treatment that focuses on behavior and learning. Our highly trained Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) will meet with you, your child, your child’s school, and/or other healthcare providers to gather all necessary information in order to create a unique behavior plan. A qualified behavior therapist will carry out your child’s behavior plan under the supervision of the BCBA. Treatment includes working on the specific and individualized goals through various modalities. Progress is monitored by the collection of data, or the qualitative/quantitative progress towards goals. Family involvement is also encouraged! Parents, caregivers, and other family members may participate in the child’s treatment sessions in order to ensure that everyone understands the behavior plan.

“The goal is not for someone to appear neurotypical. The goal is for their life to be improved in a way that is meaningful to them.” – Autism Speaks


How does ABA help your child?

Studies have shown that ABA strategies can help individuals with Autism acquire and develop a wide array of skills, such as coping skills, communication, language, forming relationships, social skills, self-care, and academic skills. Interventions are customized to your child’s skills, needs, interests and preferences. Goals are broken down into smaller steps to ensure that each stage is mastered, beginning with acquisition, practice, maintenance, and finally, generalization. Here is an example of how a specific goal, hand-washing, is broken down into steps

    • Turning on the faucet
    • Wetting hands
    • Picking up the soap
    • Lathering hands
    • Rinsing hands
    • Turning off the faucet
    • Drying hands with a towel

Each time a step is successfully performed, the behavior therapist will offer positive reinforcement, such as praise or a token. Generally, unwanted behaviors are ignored and redirected to a more appropriate behavior.


Where can ABA be provided?

ABA can be offered anywhere that best suits your child’s needs! Sessions are offered at our clinic, in your home, at your child’s school/daycare, camp, and the community. Since ABA goals are tailored to exactly what your child needs, our BCBA’s and behavior therapists make sure to provide this therapy in multiple environments. Our client-centered and flexible approach allows your child to generalize skills learned in one environment and effectively use those skills in several other environments across different groups of people.

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