Sleep is one of the most important things we can do to improve our health and well-being. For our sensory kids, it is essential to get GOOD sleep because that is where their brains will rest and repair. The brain won’t be able to change if the body can’t shut down and sleep. Poor sleep negatively affects almost every area of functioning and development. The sensory input a child receives during the day will have little to no effect if the body is not well-rested from adequate sleep. Once kids’ sleep improves and their brains rest and repair, they function at a higher level, making it easier to learn, grow, and develop.

Tips for getting your child to sleep:

Be consistent. Pick a bedtime and stick with it. Also, say no to sweets and caffeine too close to bedtime because that will stimulate your child and their body into thinking that they should be awake, making bedtime that much harder on you and your child.

Try Rhythmic Movements daily before bedtime. These movements replicate the brain-and-body’s own innate system for development.

Limit the electronics before bedtime. That means computers,tablets, television, and phones. That can be difficult because sometimes a T.V. show can be a part of the evening routine, and that is fine. Just don’t let it be a part of your bedtime routine. Screens emit blue light that stimulates a part of the brain that inhibits the release of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps us get sleepy in response to darkness.

Check out your environment. Take a step back and observe your environment. Is the TV on too loud? Is music playing in the background? If there is a lot of noise and bright lights, that can be overstimulating. Change the environment to help calm your sensory child down. Limit the volume on the TV or provide headphones to your older kids. Dim the lights or use lamps. You can even play some soft, calming music you might hear in a spa. Remember, all of the noise and lights will impact your child’s sleep cycle, and those natural hormones like melatonin will have a more challenging time being released in their body.

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