Making the decision as a parent to take your child to therapy is an important one, and one that should happen sooner rather than later. If you sense that your child is having developmental delays, early and consistent therapy can work wonders. Even without an official diagnosis of any kind, some children just need a little extra push from trained professionals, whether it’s developing motor skills quicker or working on speech and language difficulties.

Oftentimes, children with delayed communication may get frustrated and begin to exhibit behavioral issues, which can be an entirely preventable problem with early intervention.

Speech is a complicated function of the human brain, and your child experiencing problems in developing it is more common than you think. In fact, over 10% of children from ages 3-6 have some kind of communication disorder.

The Importance of Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Early intervention speech therapy molds the foundation that helps children communicate and interact socially, a key building block in the behaviors and habits that are formed early on.

Speech is the first domino that falls in a child’s life, and improving relationships with peers, teachers, and family is a main benefit of early intervention speech therapy. Children with communicative issues have trouble developing friendships, solving problems, navigating conflicts, and expressing feelings–all contributing factors to damaging behaviors.

Additionally, we make learning fun! Our speech therapy services don’t just end when your child leaves Allcare. We encourage parents to take speech therapy home, with fun exercises to do while getting dressed, preparing meals, helping with chores, getting ready for bed, and all the other activities that might not have been too appealing for your child at first.

You’ll get many differing opinions when considering whether your child needs a speech therapist, but the most important one is your own–if you have even a small feeling that they might be lagging behind their peers, schedule a consultation with Allcare Therapy Services today to ensure your child is set up for success!

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