Going to therapy doesn’t have to be hard work! At Allcare Therapy Services, we encourage our kids to play just as hard as they work.

While it may seem like play is just that, it’s really a chance for children to develop in all aspects–socially, physically, and creatively. Playing in a structured environment allows children with autism to explore their imagination in a social environment, and is the most natural way for children at a young age to interact with their surroundings.

For children with problems developing their fine and gross motor skills, play can help them fine-tune dexterity, stamina, attention span, and muscular strength, among other things. Overall, it promotes healthy habits later on in life, especially when playtime isn’t limited by any rules from the adults supervising them.

Social Benefits of Play

Not only does play time allow children to explore themselves and improve their physical health, but play with their peers forces children to explore the areas of problem-solving, social communication, and conflict resolution. It has a direct impact on self-advocacy skills and the ability to work in groups, and exposes children to the ways in which others communicate.

In conjunction with speech therapy, playing with others forces children to use the speech skills we work on in order to communicate with their peers in a social setting. It’s the most natural way for children to learn and grow!

Mental Benefits of Play

When children are allowed to explore the world around them on their own, it keeps their minds sharp and broadens their imagination. Play encourages children to foster their creativity in a way that a structured learning environment often can’t, which in turn allows them to find what they are passionate about.

Allcare Therapy Services has therapy plans centered around play, and we strongly believe it is the most important tool you can use when teaching, especially young children. We have plenty of cause and effect toys that light up at the touch of the button or provide rewarding stimulation in some way to the child playing with them.

Things like puppet play, encouraging imagination, turn-taking, and socializing are all featured heavily in our therapy strategies, with the ultimate goal of making it as fun as possible for your child to come to Allcare and learn while doing it.

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