Turn your free time at home into speech development time with your children! There’s always an opportunity to enrich and develop their speech and language skills with at-home games. Try some of these games from the Allcare Therapy Speech Language Pathologists.

The Alphabet Game

alphabet game

Any parent can turn a road trip into a learning opportunity. The Alphabet game is a game in which your child attempts to find every letter of the alphabet on signs or items on the road. This type of game encourages your child’s language development through pronunciation and articulation!

If your child is slightly more advanced, have them try to find every state’s license plate. You can even make a point system where a certain amount of points for letters or license plates they find earns them some of their favorite snacks.

Use Wooden Blocks

wooden alphabet blocks

Wooden blocks with color and letters on them can make developing language fun for children. Use them to form words for your child to read, or use colors to ask them to identify certain blocks (Bring me the blue A!).

This is a great opportunity to practice language expansion, where you add adjectives and verbs around vocabulary words to help your child connect words to ideas and actions. For example, if they point and say “block,” you could say “pick the green C block up!”

Bath Time Games

bath time games

Use your child’s bathtime to help them identify body parts. For children not young enough to talk, have them point to a body part you name. For children who are just learning to talk, ask them which body part you should wash next, and give them a choice between two.

Alternatively, inject some fun into bathtime by purchasing foam bath letters, which turn sticky when wet. When they’re wet, the letters stick to bathtub walls and are a great way to help your child learn how to identify certain words or spell words themselves!

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