What People are Saying

I can’t say enough good things about Allcare Therapy Services! 

We have been going there for many years for OT to address my son’s sensory processing issues. 

The whole atmosphere at Allcare is very welcoming and all of the people that work there from the wonderful ladies at the front desk, to all of the therapists are so professional, yet warm and so full of patience!  However, John the owner and main OT is THE BEST… he’s so exceptional… he was born to work with children!! My son has been working with him for many years and John can get him to do things that no one else can get him to do. 

My son has made so much progress over the years and my husband and I attribute his success to the wonderful therapists at Allcare, especially John!! He has the patience of a saint and he truly understands how important it is to connect to the kids he’s providing therapy to.  My son always tells me how much fun John is and how he loves going to OT.

Anyway, Allcare was recommended to me by a friend years ago and it was the best recommendation we ever got! Once you take your child here, you will never want to go anywhere else. I would highly recommend Allcare to anyone looking for a caring, professional atmosphere with a truly dedicated team of therapists!! 

— Cathy C.

4 years ago, my husband and I came to the realization that something was “wrong” with our son.

He wasn’t playing appropriately and he wasn’t speaking. We were struggling with his behaviors and began our search to find him help.

After visiting with several facilities that couldn’t or wouldn’t give us answers, facilities that told us they couldn’t help our son because there were waiting lists, we were recommended to Allcare. I called the Speech Pathologist from Allcare, began crying to this woman who I did not know and after I told her everything I was going through and how frustrated we were she said 4 simple words to me, “I will help you”.

I never knew how important those words were to me until that conversation and help she did. With her direction, we went to see a neurologist she recommended, the OT from her facility and an ENT. Our son began aggressive speech and occupational therapy. He was finally diagnosed with PDD Autism and while at the time it was devastating to hear, Allcare was there to help us through this news.

It’s been 4 years and our son still attends Allcare. He is bright, verbal, is able to use his fine motor skills (something we take for granted, like holding a fork). He laughs and he is happy. The negative behaviors are now gone and he is no longer frustrated. We owe everything our son is and will be to the team at Allcare. They taught us to not let his diagnosis identify him or who he is to be. To take everything day by day. We are in a much better place thanks to Allcare Therapy Services. 

— Lucy M.

“My 88 year old father was having difficulty swallowing and was choking on his food. We brought him to Allcare Therapy Services in Howell and could not be more pleased with the outcome. The speech pathologists are excellent clinicians. They were able to identify the cause of my father’s swallowing difficulty and refer him to the proper specialist. After a series of tests they are providing excellent ongoing swallowing therapy. The owners, Nancy Streit and Kim Streit could not have been more pleasant or professional to work with. I highly recommend this practice!

— Carla N.

We are forever grateful for finding Allcare Therapy Services for our son’s for speech therapy and occupational therapy services. As a working parent, it was difficult to get my son for his much needed therapies. Allcare Therapy provided excellent therapy at my son’s daycare center. Their therapist communicated and trained staff on how to handle his challenges. Not only did they communicate with his daycare, but I received notes each time he is seen. 

— James M.

I had to take my son to Allcare Therapy Services to receive Speech, OT, and PT. The therapists in this practice are amazing and worked with my son to overcome his delays and help him meet his target milestones. My son is now on target with his peers thanks to the amazing and caring therapists at Allcare. I am so thankful to them and the peace of mind they gave me. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!

— Tiffany L.

“At 3 years old my daughter was speaking, but not being understood and I was a wreck. By the end of my evaluation at Allcare, I felt understood and that I had support and that it was going to be ok! My daughter was treated for verbal apraxia and I can’t imagine where we’d be without Allcare. Everyone in the building is amazing. From the billing office, to the front desk and every single therapist. Allcare truly has a special place in my heart.

Kathleen L.

“I take my son to Allcare Therapy for both OT and PT. He is always so excited to go “play” with his therapists and I have already noticed a difference in his strength and balance in such a short time. Everyone there is so nice, caring and knowledgeable. They are the best around!”

Jen D.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Allcare and how much they have helped my almost four year old son with speech and physical therapy. His overall development has improved drastically by coming to services here. Nancy, Kim and Lauren have always looked at for my son’s best interest and it’s because of them that he has come so far. When your child has delays, it’s truly comforting knowing they are in the best of hands with these patient and caring therapists! Thanks Allcare for having such a powerful impact on my child!”

Amy M.

Our daughter has been receiving ABA services at AllCare, for 2 years now. Her ABA therapist, Kathie, and Early Childhood Education Specialist, Amy, have been truly amazing! These sessions have been critical in the progress we have seen our daughter make over the years. The techniques shared with our daughter and with us (her parents) have resulted in positive behaviors. As a result, we have seen improved interactions with her peers at school, as well as an overall happier child. We couldn’t be more pleased with this particular service offered at AllCare.

— Amy E.

“Thanks to Allcare Therapy Services feeding program, both of my children can now eat different kinds of foods. Ms. Nancy and Ms. Missy worked together to get my kids to try new foods in a gentle way. When we first came, my kids ate 3-4 things and meal time was a fight, now dinner time is more enjoyable. They are truly miracle workers.”

— Jen B.

I have been going to AllCare Therapy for over three years, and I cannot say enough great things about them! This is our first year doing a social group with Miss Kim, and my son loves it! We began the social group to work on some of my sons social skills; speaking too loudly, interrupting others, but he looks at it like “time playing with his new friends.” (He actually is sad when we miss it now.) She is very insightful and helpful in many aspects! I would highly recommend them for a social skills group, and/or anything else extra that your child may need.

— Tara P.

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